Game Development Portfolio



Hello, and thank you for visiting my portfolio!

I am an undergraduate game developer from the University of Greenwich, in my final year of studies. Combining my love of game development and history to create worlds deep in cultural heritage and history is my passion!

I’ve primarily worked within the Unity engine, and C# for several years including working within Virtual reality. I’ve also worked with the Unreal engine in C++. Experienced in a plethora of other languages outside of games.


VR - Oculus Rift


A Virtual reality puzzle-adventure game, Created for Oculus Rift. Over the course of two Hackathons.
Set in a modern Anglo-Saxon world, in which the player is following the footsteps of a missing college. Who vanished in search of the Holy grail.


  • Utilises the Oculus Rift (& SDK)
  • Artificially Intelligent chicken ;) using NavMesh and Finite state machines
  • Advanced Lighting, using RGI, Unity Light GO's, and Unity Shadergraph
  • XML to UI serialisation
  • Optimisation, via Occulsion culling

See example code, the game development document, and hackathon evaluations here!

Download the executable here!

Unreal Engine, C++

Third Person Shooter Prototype

A third person shoot prototype, developed in the Unreal Engine. As part of an Unreal Engine & OpenGL Hackathon course.
This prototype was created to act as a prologue to the Third person shooter, highlighting its primary game mechanics.


  • Developed in the Unreal Engine, written in C++
  • Two types of Enemy NPC's with differing behaviours
  • Health bar, and health based power ups on enemy death
  • 3rd Person shooter combat

See project, and source code here!